Smoothies is my most favorite drink for any time of the day but it is also my every day morning breakfast. I like to make the smoothies packed with vitamins, healthy fats, super foods – everything I would need for the day can be served in one glass of heavenly smoothie. My recipes may sound complex but all the added to the fruit ingredients make it actually creamy and so delicious.

What does the smoothie contain of:

Nut milk. Nut milk is the source of proteins, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and what not. It is a better substitute to 
cow milk, the lactose in which is not digestible by adult digestive systems. I try to stay away from any dairy products. Nut milk is very easy to make by blending nuts with water and then straining the mixture through a cheese cloth or a strainer. You can then dehydrate the shredded nut meal and it will turn into nut flower – no waste! You can read more about how to make different nut milks on the Dairy Free Milks section of this web site – I am giving proportions and detailed instructions.

At least two different fruit. They shall be well combinable for a delicious taste. I buy fruits fresh (unless those are berries during the winter); wash them and freeze them. I am freezing the fruit because it makes the best smoothies! If adding ice – the smoothie needs to be sweetened, else it will be lacking flavor. Using frozen fruit creates a richer smoothie with natural sweetness with no need for added sweeteners. It also provides a thicker texture.


Healthy fats. Fat makes up the outside layer of all the cells in you body. There are good fats (monounsaturated,
polyunsaturated and saturated vegetable fats) and bad fats (trans and saturated animal fats). Good fats include essential fatty acids, which are fats that our bodies cannot produce, so it’s important that we get these fats from our diet or supplements. The most healthy fat is coconut oil. Also it is delicious in taste! I also use almond, cashew, coconut butters. Healthy Omega 3 fatty acids are also in super foods such as hemp and chia seeds.

Super Foods.
Now – this is my favorite part. They are so packed with nutrients and at the same time each super food has their own unique flavor, consistency and color. I love them for they make the smoothie a drink of Gods! I most often use chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, ginger, turmeric, flax meal, maca powder, mesquite powder, wheat grass and moringa olifera powder. For all the health benefits of the super foods – refer to my Super Foods post under ‘Eating Well’


Vegetables. Maybe one of the most nutrition ingredient but my least favorite for the smoothies because it somewhat compromises the taste and the color. If you add greens – do not ad red berries because the color of the smoothie will turn out brown and I is not the most delicious looking drink. But greens are great with lighter yellow color fruits and of course – it wouldn’t matter if you add spirulina, since it will turn everything green. My favorite greens to add are spinach, kale, beet greens, celery.


Enjoy the delicious recipes I provided!

Smoothie Recipes

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