Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


2 C cooked Garbanzo Beans
2 roasted and peeled red peppers
2 T Tahini
1/4 C Olive Oil
2 medium or 4 small garlic cloves
1 large Lemon or Lime – yields about 3-4 T
1 t ground cumin
1/2 t Himalayan pink or Celtic sea salt



Place all the ingredients in the food processor and process until creamy.

Serve with pita chips or veggie bites as a dip. Arrange on top of salads. Serve as a side dish. Use in pita pockets.


Cooking tips:

Garbanzo beans are legumes. Before cooking is best to sprout them or at least soak overnight. After you are done boiling – discard the water and do not use it for anything.

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