I was born in Bulgaria. I come from a broken family and was not raised by my mother. I think this emotional element contributed to a lot of the issues I had as a child – I was one sickly child. My father and grandmother were doctors and they treated me with heaps and heaps of antibiotics. But did I get better? Quite the opposite – I had several chronic illnesses before the age of 18. Why not if I had the best medical care? Because pills are never the solution.

At age of 21 I made a conscious decision to change my life and take ownership of my health and happiness. I intuitively felt that those two go together. At that point, my journey to a wonderful and healthful life began. I was desperately looking for answers, attending lectures, reading books, getting educated on natural ways to treat our diseases. I haven’t taken any medications for the past 18 years. Witnessing the wonderful transformation that occurred within me – a passion was born to help others who were in need of a similar transformation. If I did it – everyone could!

Food impacts our lives in multitudes of ways – from a cellular level, to a proper physical nourishment, to the feeling of emotional stability, to slowing the aging process. In the same vein, food can simply bring us pure joy. Nevertheless, good food is only one quintessential element in our lives. We must consider living our lives in a holistic way – that is, we must also forge balanced relationships, seek fulfilling professional expression, move our bodies in a way that brings us joy and well-being, and develop our souls in a spiritual or religious way.

My mission is to teach my clients precisely how to transform their own lives so that they too will feel healthy, vibrant, confident, and energized at all times. I want you all to feel excited when thinking about food without feeling guilt or apprehension. Food is one of the greatest pleasures that God has given us – and it should absolutely be experienced in that way.

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